future leaders of america...

I was working at the preschool the other day.
You know, hanging out with the 2 year olds,
getting glitter under my finger nails,
reminding them to not eat the crayons,
 the usual.
While we were outside on the playground,
one of the boys shouted, "UTTA BYE!"
(Which, if you don't speak toddler,
means, "BUTTERFLY!")
I look over and see a beautiful Monarch butterfly,
flying over their heads.
They were screaming and giggling, 
trying to chase the butterfly
when it landed on the fence in front of them.
After a few "Ooooh's" and "Aaaaah's"
(and maybe a tear from me from seeing such a sweet scene)
one of the boys hurled a Mickey Mouse bouncy ball
and smashed the "utta bye."
He turned around,
hands in the air,
as if victory was his.
They all laughed even harder
and screamed and clapped
 as if I just told them we were eating ice cream for lunch.

That's our future leaders, folks.

Utta Byes, beware.


  1. That's amazing.
    I probably would have been the kid throwing the ball.

  2. utta bye! that is so cute! oh. but the smashing part is quite sad.

  3. Laura-Leigh: I can totally see that!

    Rachel: They sure do have their moments, not sure if this was a high or low point!! :)

    Brittany: I love their "language", and yes, I felt like I needed to say a little prayer for the butterfly. He didn't have a chance!