my happy little life...

1-2 Husband and boy-in-loves went to a Nascar race. I spent about 10 minutes trying to see them live. Longest I've ever watched a race in my life.

1-What started as a creepy tracing of a LifeWay bag, ended up being an even creepier self portrait.
2-Naptime, aka the best 2 hours of the day! 

1-I forgot to bring a change of clothes to work one day, so I asked Husband to grab a dress. Not fully trusting his fashion sense, I told him to send me a picture. This is what I got. He's a keeper.
2-I love lazy days with my girls.

1-I always wanted big eyes. Yeah? Yeah?!
2-Love, love, love spending time at our sweet, sweet church!

1-The beautiful Alabama sky!
2-Youth Week 2012. Special guests: Rush of Fools. They were so amazing on and off the stage. They joined in the crazy games and weren't stand offish like some big time bands can be (even Christian ones, sadly.)

1- Stormy night in Graceville. My little red bug got a nice washin'.
2- Big news in this small town, a cow got loose! Call the fire department! Call the police! Stop all traffic! By the way, I'm pretty sure they got him and nobody (or cow) was harmed!

1-I just had to laugh when I saw these new cards in WalMart. I apologize if you like him, but I personally believe these should be in the humor section.
2- Little girl will do anything for love and attention. Even let me pile clothes on top of her when she's in my way. "Am I doing good, Mommy?"

1-Evidence of being a youth pastor #35353- Pizza places know you by name.
2-New favorite tshirt. Hands down.

1-I switched pre-schools and now I teach for this cute place!
2-After a day of teaching at said pre-school, this is my daily pick-me-up.


  1. Bahahaha!The Joel Osteen cards are hilarious!

  2. Got a lot of laughter out of some of these... I'm with you on the cards.

  3. Tiffany: Me too! That's my crazy Husband for ya!

    Rachel and Natalie: They are too crazy! I can't believe anyone taking them seriously! :)