from my phone...

(Typical mirror picture of Husband and I during our anniversary weekend. Can we go back, please?)

I'm always nervous when I post a blog from my phone, but considering the craziness this week brought, this is the best I can do!

What craziness you ask?

-Husband registered for his LAST semester at school.
-Graduation scheduled for December.
-Amazing, awesome blessing: school paid for.
-I am teaching, once again. 
In a public school. 
3rd grade. 

I can't get into the class until Wednesday. 
Open House is on Friday. 
School starts the following Monday.


Regardless, I'm so excited for this open door. It's truly an answer to prayer and I'm determined to have the best year!

Woo Hoo!


  1. Congrats on the new job! Good luck with getting everything together :) And congrats to the hubs on his last semester--such exciting times ahead for you guys!

  2. Thank you so much! We are so thrilled. It's been a crazy beautiful week!

  3. Definitely busy... but so many good things this week! Woo hoo!! I'm so happy for you guys :)