Just write.

Writing has always been a form of escape for me. 
When life gets tough, I write. 
When life gets exciting, I write. 
I like to think of it as an overflow of my mind. 
Things get crowded up there and I have to release them somehow. 
So, I write. 

Slowly though (as I see the pattern in almost all my blog friends) blogging becomes more about the readers than the author. I have made some great blog friends through this little blog and of course it's nice to see my followers slowly add up, but I want have to keep things in perspective. 

I tend to mask the imperfections of my life by silly pictures and cute stories. I don't see the need to use this blog as simply a means to complain and vent. But, I also want to remain transparent. I want to be real with you guys.


Marriage is hard.
Life is hard.

There. I said it. 
Shoot me.

As amazing, handsome, and wonderful Husband is, we still have "passionate discussions." 
We still choose silly things over each other. We don't have the cutest couple pictures. 
We still go to bed disgruntled. 
We're learning.

Life isn't a Disney Musical. 
Nobody breaks out in singing and dancing at any given moment, 
and my hair is never perfectly in place.
I cry. I yell. I get angry. I stumble.
I'm learning.

Right now...
I'm stressing about my new job.
Right now...
finances are tight.
Right now...
I'm worried about my health.
Right now...
I'm unhappy with my self.
Right now... 
I'm overwhelmed.

So what pushes me to try and stay positive during trials? What gives me strength when I can't stand? How can I continue to smile in the midst of a storm?

The answer is so obvious, so easy, and yet still needs to be printed on the back of my eyelids.


The bumps in my life aren't a surprise to Him. He's not learning as He goes, like I am.
He knows what I truly need when He takes something away. He knows everything will work out, exactly according to His plan.

Life is getting crazier by the second and there probably won't be as much time for blogging as I'd like. 
I may lose some followers due to lack of interest, but that's okay. 
This is for me. 
For my escape. 
For my sanity. 
For my much needed reminders.


  1. I actually enjoy reading blogs that are more personal and real, rather than all fluff! You are normal, like the rest of us. :) It's so great that we have a God who WANTS us to cast our cares on Him! Thank you for that reminder.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this post!I have been feeling very similar to all of the above!So glad I know God holds my world.And you will most definitely not lose a follower in me!

    P.S.I prefer transparent and real any day!

  3. God is so in control! and if i've learned anything in the last 4 years of marriage, it's that when your life goes the way God wants it to... it's always way better than i ever could've ever planned it. but goodness does it take patience!