monday words

"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."
Too soon?
Although, we have been having multiple rainy days and nights the past few weeks.
And since "I love all things that make people miserable"
(as my friend so lovingly put it)
I have enjoyed every minute of the rain.
Rain brings cold.
Cold brings sweaters, moccasins, boots, candles, pumpkins (the list never ends.)
Not to mention the holidays that are soon to arrive!
Halloween, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS.
And ohmylanta...
Emmerson is due anywhere from Christmas Eve to the beginning of January.
(2 guesses which date I'm hoping she chooses to arrive!)
The excitement is almost too much to bear.

Pregnancy has been everything I wanted and more than I imagined.
I haven't really experienced crazy cravings, I naturally love and crave food, so no noticeable difference from any other day in the life of Lauren.
But the hormones?
Oh man...those are real.
Poor Brandon. He truly has been the best during my crazy spells.
Like one day I woke up completely convinced he didn't love me anymore.
And he won't let me watch Criminal Minds because pregnant Lauren takes their stories as REAL LIFE and WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN?
All crazy spells come with the company of pretty impressive cries.
And I know I'm being irrational, but my feelings and heartbreak is so real!
So real.

Thanks to amazing family members and my knack for painting and reusing furniture, 
Emmerson's nursery is basically complete.
It's my favorite room in the whole world.
If I'm ever feeling sad, I just grab a blanket and snuggle on the floor of her room.
The puppies follow me and think I'm crazy.
Which, I am...but also pregnant, so it's allowed.

And let's just be real for a second,
I am t-terrified of labor and all that follows.
Pain and me...we ain't homies.
Paper cuts bring a tear to my eye.
So, I cannot even imagine.
And I try my hardest to NOT imagine...
and Husband forbade me from reading all the "horror" stories of labor.
T-totally worth it, Lauren.

All in all, life is pretty near perfect here in our slice of the world.
Just waiting on a job.
The big j.o.b.
Teaching has proven to be more difficult and "unreachable" as of now.
Plus add in the fact that I'm over 5 months pregnant...
I walk into a place (belly first) and they see someone who will work for a few months, take a maternity leave, and never return.
Talk about discrimination.
If they only knew I'd kill to work for them and bring some more financial stability to our house.

When those moments overwhelm me and I begin to feel worthless, 
I look down at my growing belly,
over to my handsome husband, 
and up to my amazing Heavenly Father,
and remember that this...
all this,
is in His hands.

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