(baking with my little girl last week)

Today's high is 72, but I don't think it's gotten above 64.
That, my friends, is the sign of a great day.
Husband spent the early part of the day doing manly things with wood and tools.
While the girls stayed home and watched the amazing movies abcfamily has going on right now.
I also re-read my blog posts.
I'm so glad I started this "diary" four years ago.
The journey and memories are so precious to me.
The best part about today is what's to come.
The husband and I are finally baby registering!
It's like shopping without spending a dime.
(Which is convenient when you don't even have a dime to spend!)
Woo Hoo, date night!
Oh! I'm gonna break out the first scarf of the Fall!
Things are getting fancy over here!

Happy Weekend!

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