christmas, nye, and baby things.

This is from last year's new year getaway. Still my favorite trip with Husband!

The holiday season has come and gone.
Still no Emmerson.
I did, however, manage to get the flu and bronchitis.
(Nothing says Christmas like a hospital stay!)
I was even nice enough to share some viruses with my house guests.
Just call me Oprah.
(You get the flu! You get the flu! You get the flu!)
Merry Christmas, y'all!

Somewhere in my sicky haze:
 I turned 26,
I got a record player, 
my brother got engaged, 
and one of my closest friends (and preggo partner) had her baby!
(Early! She broke the pact...)

So much happened and I hate that I missed most of it due to being sick.
Thank goodness for technology and camera phones.
My parents deserve a huge shout out.
Not only did they stay and take care of me for 2 weeks,
(getting Mom sick herself!)
But they cooked all the meals, cleaned all the dishes, and helped take down the Christmas decor.
Life. Savers.

The best of news is that little Emmerson is doing just fine.
Thankfully my sickness didn't phase her in the least.
(Although I wouldn't have minded if it sped things up a little!)
We've had two more appointments since my last post.
The biggest update is that c-section isn't looking so vital.
She's measuring to be average size and things are progressing naturally!
Woo Hoo!
We got to see her super squishy chubby cheeks yesterday and I cannot wait to kiss them!
They moved my due date back to normal, January 14, 
with the promise of not letting her go past then!
So, here we are...
11 days (at the most) from meeting our little girl!
Bags are packed, parents are on speed dial, and I've never been more ready for anything in my life!
(And also more not ready for anything in my life...)

Hope you all had a wonderful (and less sickly) Christmas and New Year's!

P.S. I will be staying home and "churching" it up via web stream. 
With the flu and other nasty things going around, it's better if I stay home and healthy! 
I will miss your beautiful faces, though!

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