welcome, emmerson marie!

On Thursday of last week, I woke up to contractions.
24 hours later we were off to the hospital.
10 hours later, surrounded by my husband, mom, and a team of the best nurses
(with one extra special nurse,)
we welcomed the most precious little girl into the world.

Emmerson Marie Crews
January 9, 2015
6lbs 12oz
20in long

With one look through our tear-filled eyes, 
our hearts started beating in a whole new way.

Little girl, we have prayed and waited for you for so long.

You are so worth it.


  1. I have read the blogs, watched, prayed and enjoyed this journey as you posted...Congrats and God bless. Lord, may this precious one ALWAYS call you Lord, grow in stature to love and serve you and may she be a blessing to all that meet her - In Jesus name, amen. I can't wait to read more! - michelle

  2. Congratulations and such a beautiful name!
    Love the photo of daddy kissing her feet. beautiful moment!
    Can't wait until my own little own arrives.
    Quiet Light Blog