emmerson's birth story

I spent 4.5 hours (collectively) trying to write out Emmerson's birth story here on my little blog.
I kept typing and deleting.
Typing and deleting.
She turned 3 months old today and already her first few moments are getting foggy in my mind.
That's one thing I'm terrified of,
forgetting the tiny details.
Thankfully, I'm a writer and I've been journaling in her book ever since she was born.
But I love reading birth stories,
and I love her birth story so much, 
I thought it'd be easy to type it out.
Maybe it's my allergy medicine messing with my mind,
or maybe it's the lack of sleep,
but I just couldn't do her story justice.
So, I thought I'd share it through pictures.
My mom and Husband were able to take these and I cherish them so much.
Emmerson's birth story can only be described like this:
It was a beautiful, intimate, overwhelming experience
and I can't look at these photos without feeling nostalgic for those first few moments 
with my new family of three.

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