Recently, I've stumbled into the world of minimalism. 
I've researched, read blog after blog, and I'm so drawn to the idea of "getting rid of the unnecessary to focus on the important."
I've come to learn that it's deeper than the "less is more" mentality.
It started with my closet, which was once overflowing but now holds 5 shirts, 5 dresses, and a few sweaters. 
Brandon and I have spent the last few nights purging our bedroom.
(The place the mismatched furniture calls home.)
The first night, we put our spring board and mattress on the floor.
Removing the massive bed frame, a book case, and small drawer, I could breathe a little better.
Our curtains, thick and dark, came down and were replaced with airy, flowing curtains.
This morning, I woke up with the sunlight in my room, refreshed and calm.

I don't know how far this journey will take me, but I feel it will overflow into the living room, the kitchen, and even my lifestyle.
How many unnecessary things fill my mind and keep me distracted from what's important?

I'll likely continue to journal this transformation, feel free to join me.

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