tuesday letters

Dear Pink Eye,
I'm not sure who invited you here, but you're most definitely not welcome. And you infected my poor, sweet baby that doesn't know why she can't rub her eyes when they itch. {Can we talk about how not fun it is to put eyedrops in a toddler's eyes? It took two of us, on top of her. Can we just put it in a spray bottle and spray her face? Hope some of it makes it in?}

Dear Emmerson, 
Since moving to Arkansas, you've successfully caught a stomach virus, nasty cold, and now pink eye. So far, you've sweetly shared everything with me. Let's keep the last one to your self, please. This sharing is not caring.

Dear Direct TV,
Thank you for taking five-evers to hook everything up in the house, resulting in Husband having to stay home this morning. Emmerson and I needed more time with our favorite man.

Dear Pinterest,
If you could magically make all my pins appear in my closet or house, that'd be great. Oh, and for free. Thanks.

Dear Mi Casitas,
You don't understand how much of a God-thing you really are. {Y'all, listen. This small, cozy Mexican restaurant is LITERALLY feet away from the church doors. It's smack in the middle of 2 of our parking lots AND next door to our youth building. If you know me AT ALL, you know that was my first sign that God wanted us here. And all His people said, "amen."}

Happy Tuesday, guys!

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