Okay you guys.
The time has come.
I'm dedicating Thursdays to house posts.
Woo Hoo!
Now y'all can leave me alone.
(I kid. I kid.)

Before we picked up a brush, I picked up a pen and the lists began.
Husband and I walked from room to room while the "to-dos" started growing.

What you'll see below is what we started with/what my inspiration was/is.
(And a completed picture if there's one done!)

I have always, always, always wanted a yellow door.
(Inside AND out!)
I believe any house can look instantly better if you paint the door yellow.
So the very first thing on my list was the door.
I also love the black trim around the door.
Still need to add new house numbers, shutters, new lights, and landscaping.

You walk into the living room and the first thing you see are the french doors and fireplace.
You had me at hello.
As you can see, we have already painted all trim white and walls light grey.
Soon we'll build the floating shelves and purchase a nice big sectional (another dream of mine!)

This is the doorway to the hall that holds the guest room, guest bath, and Emmerson's room.
Next item on the wish list: sliding barn door!

The hallway was super dim and dark, so the paint alone helped so much.
We will be adding bead board and better lighting soon and I've already hung up some of Emmerson's pictures.

Eventually both bathrooms will be completely renovated.
We want hardwood throughout and white subway tiles, also new vanity/sink area.
But, that's on our 5 year list.
This ain't no millionaire house flipping.
For now, we have painted the walls and will add the same bead board from the hallway and dining room.

Emmerson has a huge closet in her room. 
The plan is to paint the wall a fun accent color, keeping the shelving white.
We'll also get some more organization units in there to keep clutter out of her room and behind closed doors.
(More pictures of her room soon, as we finish it completely!)

Off the living room is the dining room!
I'm taking over the formal dining room as my office/playroom, so we needed to maximize space here.
We will be building a banquette along the right and back walls which will give us more seats and I will (finally) get my farmhouse table!

Pretty much the only thing I love about our kitchen is the layout and black granite.
But, complete reno of the kitchen is on the 5 year plan.
Hopes are: knock out those two cabinets and add open shelving, white subway tiles with dark grout, and paint all cabinets white.

Off the kitchen/dining room is hallway leading to the master, and door to the laundry room/garage.
I want to create a little mudroom space at the end of this hallway, seeing how we'll enter from the garage (once it's all cleared out of course!)

The only room that hasn't been pictured is the formal dining room.
It's getting the most attention because we're making it an office/playroom.
(Why do I need an office? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!)

I hope all my pictures and words made sense, and that you can see my vision!
Going for "Farmhouse Chic."
Or, "What Would Joanna Gaines Do?"

So, HGTV, feel free to come and record and send the Gaines'.

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  1. Love all of the changes, enjoy! Kristina loved making her new house hers and you will too!