the red shirt journey (week 2)

This week, you guys.

It has been full of ups and downs.
Highs and lows.

It started off pretty high.

I followed this recipe and somehow made buffalo chicken casserole.
I say "somehow" because I swear Jesus lives in my oven.
For the recipe, not only did I make Paleo mayo from scratch, I also made Paleo ranch.
Trying each, I'm not quite sure it came out tasting amazing.
(I learned I'm in dire need of a mixer.)
I cooked spaghetti squash for the first time, as well.
It easy to make and tastes better than noodles, in my opinion.
I added the chicken, squash noodles, the questionable mayo and ranch, and other various items...
and viola!
It magically tasted awesome.

Same thing happened when I tackled this recipe for homemade kale chips.
You're supposed to "drizzle" the olive oil.
Well, my oil didn't come with a fancy Olive Garden top, so I was more on the "pouring down" the oil side.
I thought for sure I ruined it.
But, because Jesus lives in my oven, they came out perfect!
Sure, I had to wipe each piece off because they were dripping with oil,
and I couldn't eat more than a handful because they were so greasy...
but they tasted great (and once I get a fancy drizzle topper... oh, my salty tooth will be so happy!)

I woke up at 6am every morning this week and made it to the gym.
My friend was the best partner.
(She also saved my life, but we'll get to that later.)
She is so encouraging and introduced me to all the machines I usually walk right past.
I've been so sore.
But the good kind of the sore.
The sore that makes you feel like your fat is crying and dying.
Ya know?
Awesome stuff.
Until Thursday...

(insert this week's lows)

Thursday morning started off normally.
At the gym, kind of feeling out of it.
30 minutes into the workout, during a high step thing, I missed the step and landed on my ankle, sideways.
I kind of felt like I got shot.
And I'm sure it looked like I got shot from the security cameras.
(Can I watch that, please?)
It instantly started swelling and bruising and my friend didn't miss a beat!
First, she comforted me.
Then prayed over my ankle.
Then called Husband.
Then piled me into her car and drove me home.
All with a smile, all with sweetness, and even laughter because I really needed it.
Life saver, I'm telling ya.
I was/am SO bummed.
I think I kept apologizing to her.
"This is SO dumb. I'm SO sorry."
While I'm thankful it happened on a Thursday and not first thing Monday morning, I hate that I missed 2 workouts this week because of it.

So that's a low.

And then there's the fact that I stepped on the scale this morning and....

Guys, I started this journey to be vulnerable and honest.
And honestly, I cried.
I'm so discouraged and so upset.
I still haven't found my measuring tape, so I don't even know if I have lost any inches either.
(But I do "feel" some difference in my clothes. So there's that.)
I thought this week would be amazing and I'd see real results.
But I sprained my ankle, George came (monthly visitor..ya know) and I had a cheat meal.

If you're keeping score this week,
Lauren lost.

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  1. Stop right there, Lauren certainly did not lose. Just because Lauren didn't step on the scale and magically find she was 5 lbs lighter does not mean she lost. Set backs are always there...Lauren keeps trying, Lauren is the winner. Unfortunately there are those of us who will always battle weight. It will always be an issue, maybe you are her, maybe you are not. Every day that you try again is a day you win!!! Always remember.