a little housey update

Things have finally started to slow down around here.
Just in time for the holiday season!

I scrubbed down the house a few days ago (trying to RID us of this sickness!) and decided to take some pics.

This is our house, as of now!

Walking into the house and into the living room!
"One day" hopes: flowy, white curtains// larger rug

Living room cont.
The blue tape above the couch will SOON become floating shelves.
The other blue line marks where the sliding barn door to the hallway will rest when opened.
"One day" hopes: large sectional

Living room cont.
Our entertainment center is an old dresser.
I took the drawers out and viola!
"One day" hopes: some kind of clock to hang above the ladder

Dining room!
I love this sweet little corner and the way the red chairs pop against the white and grey.
"One day" hopes: hardwood floors through out// some sort of curtains//our banquette! 
We have high hopes this will be built before Christmas and I cannot wait. 
Also, my farmhouse table.

Master bedroom!
I love our room.
It's weird how I have a clear "farmhouse chic"everywhere else in the house...until this room.
I'm not even sure what to call the style.
Mid-Century Modern? Tribal? Who knows.

The best part about the Master...french doors!
There isn't much to do in here, thankfully!
"One day" hopes: all new, matching curtains//bedside table for me

These are the most done rooms, so that's all I have to show you!
Brandon's mama is coming next weekend and we hope to knock out a ton of things before then!


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