texas road trip (a video)

Last Thursday, we dropped the baby off, packed up the car, and hit the road.
Texas was our end destination, but honestly, I didn't care where we ended up.
I was baby-free and with my Husband.
I felt like a new person.

Car dancing.
Eating junk food.
(Diets don't count on the road.)
Watching Netflix.
Sleeping in.
My hometown.
Visiting my Mamaw's gravesite.
McKenzie's burger. 
Reading aloud to Husband.
Christmas at the Silos.
Seeing Chip and Joanna Gaines.
(Seriously, JUST me. No one had noticed them yet. We're totally bffs now.)
Phil Wickham singing with Shane and Shane.
Worshiping with the Gaines and total strangers.
More Netflix.
More sleeping in.
(More junk food.)
More reading aloud.
HOME to my baby girl.

I tried to put this in a more "narrative" structure, but I just can't.
This trip meant so much to me.
Words are hard to find.
It came at the exact right time that Husband and I needed it most.

Every single detail was perfect.

Thank you for my Birthday/Christmas present, Husband.

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