emmerson is two!

This girl.

My heart has never been more consumed by a little person.

She, as I've said a million times before, feels all her feelings so big.
She most definitely gets that from her Mama, (so, prayers for sweet Husband.)
She knows how to work a crowd.
She's most comfortable in small settings where all eyes are on her.
(That's from her Daddy.)

She wants you to smile and she'll fake laugh like nobody's business.
But I live for those genuine smiles and giggles.

If there's an animal or baby near her (real or fake) it's getting a hug.
She has so much love and nurturing in that little heart of hers.

She's known for her dance moves and obsessions with certain songs.

We didn't think she'd ever start talking!
She seemed just fine with her grunts and growls.
(Which she still does.)
But one day she decided she had something to say and it's been so fun to hear her little voice.
She loves to randomly point at objects and people, saying their names and looking to us to make sure she's right.
And she's pleased as punch when she gets it right.

She took note of how we called the dogs (patting our legs and saying "come here") and now she does the same to get us to follow her.
("Mere. Mere. Mama. Dada. Mere.")

She always has a bear or stuffed animal of some sort tucked under one arm.
And when she sees something she likes, she makes sure to turn her bear around so he can see it too.

She begs for things by repeating the same word over and over.
("Tookies? Tookies?)
Then gives the most hilarious "oh!" face and sound when you finally give in.
(Like it wasn't her idea to begin with..."Cookies?! Great idea, Mom!")

About a week ago, she decided she was ready to be potty trained!
(I, however, am not ready and have been dragging my feet a little.)

She's a girly girl that doesn't like to get dirty.
Slimy, messy foods are her worst nightmares.
And despite our best efforts, she's become a pretty picky eater.

She is so polite.
Almost everything handed to her is received with the sweetest "tank you!"

I've given her two small trims at home and she'd be wearing pig tails everyday for the rest of her life if I had any say in the matter.

She's content to play alone for a few minutes, but would much rather have someone right there with her.
(I only mind sometimes, like when I have to-do lists a mile long...but even then, not nearly as important!)

These are just a few "Emmerson-ism" that make me (and Husband) fall into puddles daily.
To say our lives changed two years ago would be an understatement. 
She challenges me daily.
She loves me unconditionally.
(Even when I know I don't deserve it.)

Sweet Emmerson Marie,
Happy Birthday, baby.

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