birthday at the amazeum! {a video}

Down the road a bit is an awesome place called the Amazeum.
We had never been before, but heard raving reviews.
It's a museum full of hands-on science, art, and super-cool-awesome sections.

We had so much fun exploring with our girl for her birthday.

She loved the lights and peg wall.

She was terrified of the slide at first...then proceeded to do it 20x in a row.
(Once her Daddy showed her it wasn't scary.)

The log cabin and farm were right up her (and my) alley.

But I think she had the most fun in the mini Walmart.
(Bentonville, AR is where all the Walmart magic was born.)
It was the cutest thing to see her walk around and fill up her basket.
She carefully "scanned" each item and placed them on the conveyor belt like a pro!

(So we at least know she's got a future at grocery stores!)

It was a sweet, special afternoon, celebrating our little girl.

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