dear emmerson,

Dear Emmerson,
You are days (minutes? hours?) away from becoming a big sister.
This will be a crazy transition for all of us, but for some reason, I think you'll excel quicker than your Mama.

As an older sister to a younger brother, I know the opportunity you'll have to teach him everything you know.
I pray you show him the importance of ending the day snuggling on the couch.
That you enjoy showing him (and sharing!) all your favorite toys and movies.
I hope he gets your humor (that you obviously got from me...okay, okay...your Daddy.)
And I can't wait to listen to the two of you giggling together.
I know you'll fight and bicker, but I pray at the end of the day you realize what a blessing you've been given in him.
I hope you show him how you find the joy in the little things.
Like suckers, planes, and bridges.
I know you will teach him things that probably aren't true, just remember...he will one day probably be bigger than you and remember those times. (From one big sister to another.)

From experience, I know that you'll learn just as much from him as well. (It may take a few years, but you'll get it.)
I pray you look up to him, despite him being younger than you.
I know you will confide in each other on a level different than you will with us, your mom and dad, and I pray God uses those bonds you'll grow.
I hope he teaches you the tough lessons (like when you're dating a loser and you won't hear it from anyone else.)
He's not always the "annoying little brother," listen to him.
Because of who his Daddy is, I know he'll protect you, pick on you, aggravate, and love you so,so well.
I pray you see the perfect example of the man of God you deserve through their lives.

Hutch Steven will be the perfect addition to our little family.
I hope you always know our love won't be taken away from you to give to him.
(You've always had the biggest heart, something tells me it'll expand just as our's will.)

Emmerson Marie, I love you.
I love your brain and your thoughts.
I love your voice and your words.
I love your laugh and cries.
I love your straight brown hair all the way down to your sparkly-blue painted toes.
Thank you for making me a Mama and Hutch a brother.
We are blessed by your small and mighty presence.


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