welcome, hutch steven {a video}

Hutch Steven Crews
October 19, 2017
7lbs 14oz
20in long

Almost a month has passed and I'm still unable to put Hutch's birth story into words. 
I remember the same thing happening with Emmerson (post here),
and it wasn't until a year later that I could fully express the emotions of her birth (posts here & here.)

This pregnancy was so, so difficult on me physically and mentally.
This labor and delivery was the hardest, most painful experience of my life.
I knew though, in the middle of all my pain, this sweet boy would bring a peaceful season of "pause."
And he most certainly has.

Hutch is the sweetest, most content little gentleman baby.
Every day he captures my weary heart with his strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and baby tiger noises.

Welcome to our world, Baby Hutch.
You are so loved.

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