an affair...

This may or may not constitute as cheating but,

I signed up for a Tumblr account.

I know, I know. How dare  I?

Well, life got hectic and super fast. I felt like I was abandoning my little blog. I've missed taking pictures and posting about our newlywed life. But there hasn't been much newlywed fun times worth blogging. We both work full-time and at opposite times of the day! 

"Good morning, Handsome! Just waking you up to say good-bye!"
"Goodnight, Handsome! Have a good time at work!"

See how boring that would be to blog about?!

So, I decided to check out Tumblr.

To me, it's a cross between Twitter and Blogger. It's more than just a status update, but less than a blog. My blogging is not the only thing changing. Due to recent personal events, I've been inspired to change. Wardrobe, outlook, job, personality, hair, etc.

A fresh new start.
A fresh new Lauren.

This by no means is me saying goodbye to you. I lovelovelove reading about your lives and whenever I do get 10 minutes to sit down, the first thing I do is check in on my friends.

So, feel free to check out boylovesgirl over at Tumblr!



  1. I got a tumblr account about a year ago and have never looked at it since!! haha I couldn't figure it out :)

  2. First, loving the new blog look, second, checking out your tumbler! =D