Our Wedding: Couple's Shoot

I saved the best for last! Most of these were taken right after the reception. We went to a nearby state park for our couple's shoot. I LOVE them!
Ashley Daniell, thank you!
Can't wait for our next opportunity to use you!

(I forgot to add these to the end of the reception group!)

Brandon and I both decided to not have a "first look." I had seen pictures like this before and I fell in love with the idea! These door shots were taken just minutes before I walked down the aisle. We hadn't talked or seen each other all day. I was so filled with emotion, all I could was squeeze his hand!

I was terrified! I hate heights!

I was told 2 days before our wedding that we could not dance during our reception. We had the reception at our church and I quadruple checked and everyone told us it would be fine for us to dance. I picked out the perfect Father/Daughter and Husband/Wife songs and TWO days before it all happened, I got a phone call. Needless to say, I was heartbroken and livid. BUT, during our couple's shoot, Brandon pulled out his phone and played "Marry Me" by Train and we danced.

PLUS, a month ago, at my cousin's wedding, we were surprised with a first dance/father daughter dance during their reception. It was too sweet for words!

We met back at the church and grabbed our little furbabies for some "family" pictures!

Thanks for sticking around to see all of our wedding shots! Back to normal posts for now!
Hope you all enjoyed them as much as we do!


  1. Beautiful! And I'm glad you got to sneak in a dance during the photo shoot, although I can imagine how disappointing it would've been to be told you weren't allowed to dance.

  2. Aw! LOVE the pictures. Why no dancing? This is the first time I've visited your blog, so maybe you've said but I just don't know. Anyway, you looked so gorgeous on your special day. You should check out my blog at journalista-karen.blogspot.com. Who took your photos?