Our Wedding: The Reception

Thank you all for the sweet comments! I'm so glad you all enjoy them as much as me! 

These are a few (baha) shots of our reception! I tried to stick with the vintage picnic theme. My Aunt made all the pennants and most everything else was either homemade, old items from my Mamaw, or from Michaels!  

The guest sign-in area.

We had an afternoon wedding, so for the reception we had desserts and an ice-cream bar!

The centerpieces.

My sweet little boy I used to babysit for screamed my name as soon as we walked in!

Our wedding cake! I collect Willow Tree figurines so it was perfect!

We promised to be sweet to each other!

I love this picture! All of these ladies are my friends from different time periods in my life!

My beautiful parents and my Grandma!
Larry and Tracey were life savers for our wedding...in more than one way!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I don't think I ate or drank anything all day until then!

The oldest active member in our church, Mrs. Eugenia. She had been in the nursing home for a few weeks and this was her first time out! She is SUCH a delight!

Photo Booth! The camera was supposed to be turned the other way...so it'd look like a wall with a picture. But, they still turned out funny despite the mistake!

Love the face of my mom-in-love! ;)

Okeechobee people!

If you look at the picture of Brandon and me in the booth, you can totally see where he gets his face from! Love my dad-in-love!

BCF people!

Best. Ever.

Up next: Our couple shoot. My favorites in the whole bunch! Stay tuned!


  1. haha! love your photo booth shots =D

  2. Your reception was beautiful! I love the colors and the decorations. I especially love that you used a Willow Tree Angel for your cake!! I collect them as well and I think that was a great idea :)

  3. Your wedding looks like its straight out of a magazine! Everything is so perfect!! :)

    Love, your newest follower!

  4. Lauren - WOW -- how beautiful and how romantic. I just loved walking through the photos and looking and it was sort of like I was there too. I can see Christ's love and blessing all over the event and day. I see you too have been busy with school -- may God richly bless your union and may the Enemy NEVER get a foothold into it. Guard it carefully with prayer, thanks for sharing - Michelle Pritchard

  5. ohmygosh! SO CUTE! Love the photobooth idea!