how to get stuff done

Unpacking an entire house can be a daunting task. To keep focus, I make lists.
Actually, to do anything, I make lists.
I'm paralyzed without a list.
And maybe you are sitting there, 
putting off important things, 
just waiting for motivation to get stuff done...

Sit no longer, friends.
Here is my fool proof way to get stuff done.
(You might want to "pin" this...it's that powerful.)

First things first. You need nice, colorful markers. Writing with permanent markers just makes everything so much more fun. I promise. Also, you need paper. This is my list notebook. In it, you'll find 503 packing lists, 2,675 to-do lists, and other various list. I'm not kidding, this is serious business.

 The last thing you want is to get de-hydrated. Having a drink on hand will help. 
I like to choose the 5 year old little girl option: Apple Juice.

 Setting the mood is a must. A must! Set your Pandora station and light your favorite candle.
 For me, that's Brooke Fraser Radio (or She&Him Holiday Station) and my prized WoodWick candle.

 Now comes the actual listmaking. 
Rule number one: Clever name for your list.
Make it fun. Make it look pretty. If it's pretty, you'll pay attention to it.

 Next, write down any and every little or big thing you have to get done. Sometimes I add "breathe" just so I can cross it out. Crossing out is the best part. You can add a timeline/deadline if you want. 
 My list is for the next few days.

Do not forget your reward section. You have to know what you're working for!

I'm home alone, so I don't have anyone to cheer me on. If that's you (or if your other house-dwellers refuse to cheer for you) write yourself some encouraging notes. 
Seeing "You can do it, Lauren" always gets me pumped.

Now, hang your list up real proper-like. Me, I use recycled packing tape because I haven't located the real tape (it's on the list.)

 The key to getting stuff done, is making lists. And you can't make lists with distractions. Go somewhere no one else can bother you. Here, it's the kitchen/dining room. 
Little girls know they aren't allowed.

Here's to a productive Tuesday!


  1. I've got a hard day of Uni work tomorrow that I MUST do. This has given me the motivation to write a proper list of what I need to do and get on with it. We can do it!! xxx


  2. i do this exact same thing! and since i like to give ole husband a good portion of his own list, i definitely do color-coded markers ;) hope you are getting things happily settled in your new place!! yay!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only list-maker!! (And "Honey-Do" list maker!) :)