Our (new) Home: Living Room

Most of you know, Husband and I packed up and moved from FL-TN. It has always been my dream to live back in the mountains, with the cold winters, snow, and well... mountains! The Lord provided (as He always does) and that lead us here. If we're close, you'd know I love, love, love unpacking. I love decorating, organizing, the whole nine yards. (Except cleaning. Who likes that?!) 

Here are some photos of one of the only rooms completely finished...our living room.
(FYI: This may only be interesting to my family and a few handful of other people. To everyone else, sorry!)


There you go! As always, Bailee and Olive had to make their appearance! Next up kitchen (which you can see some of in these pictures.)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks so homely already, brilliant job and I love the big letters. So cool! x



  2. Thank you so much! I love it. It's definitely our style! And I loooove letters, so they are everywhere!

  3. What a lovely space! So glad I stopped by your blog, it's gorgeous x

  4. i looove the B & L over your couch!!