jesus wept

My favorite verse is John 11:35. ⠀
“Jesus wept.”⠀
Simple enough. ⠀
But, why did He weep?⠀
He knew Lazarus had died. ⠀
He knew He would raise him from the dead. ⠀
So why weep?⠀

While He was fully God on earth, He was also fully man. ⠀
He felt the pain from losing a friend. ⠀
He felt the pain from those around Him. ⠀
He made sure to validate those feelings, that pain. ⠀
He made sure to stand with them in that pain. ⠀
This pain, the heaviness of the evil in this world, is overbearing. ⠀

Know that He sees you. ⠀
He weeps for you. ⠀

I see you. ⠀
I weep for you.

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