tms week five


circa 2009

I can't believe it has been five weeks already.

That means next week is my last week of every day visits.

Week seven will be 3 days.

Week eight, 2.

And finally, week 9, 1 day.

(with a NYC sister trip thrown in there between weeks eight and nine!)

This week was an absolute game changer.

We decided to try the 3 minute "bursts" instead of the drawn out 19 minute procedure.

By Wednesday, I was laughing at how quickly it was over.

The pain/feeling is best described as "jarring."

It feels like my teeth are trying to go through my jaw and brain, towards the magnet.

Very strange. 

A bit painful.

But...for only THREE MINUTES.

My survey Monday was back to the high 'teens.

So, I'd say this week was a success.


This weekend, Brandon and I are headed to Branson, MO for a marriage retreat.

With my mental/physical illnesses, the thing that has taken the biggest hit is our marriage.

I'm not the same girl as pictured above.

I feel like I've been through the wringer, barely hanging on.

But that guy up there...

he's never wavered.

Not once.

When I've felt like he could do so much better, 

he's fought for us.

When I've said hurtful words towards him,

he's fought for us.

When I've changed in so many unpleasant and new ways, 

he's fought for us.

14 years later and he's still fighting for us.

Please pray for us this weekend.

Pray that God renews our love.

Pray that I can see the true reality of God and Brandon's love for me.

Pray that the enemy knows, once and for all, he can't have us. 

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