it snowed last night and we have a birthday boy!

I was falling asleep last night, 
doing my daily bedtime routine,
skimming through instagram one last time, 
when it happened.
I saw a friend's picture of snow in a nearby city.
I quickly checked my phone weather app
and once I saw the snowflake symbol,
I freaked.
The distance between my bed and the front door is about 20 big steps.
It took me 2.

Our front yard was covered and huge snowflakes kept coming down.
My first official snow as a Tennessee-en.
There something so peaceful about snow falling.
Especially at night.

I ran back inside, screaming for Brandon to hurry and come look.
He was in the shower and I couldn't wait for him.
I put on my rainboots and jacket 
(The first trip outside was a little uncomfortable being barefoot in my pajama shorts and shirts)
and ran back outside to instagram every moment.
(It's what you have to do, right?)
After an hour or so and after much coaxing from Husband, 
I finally came back inside and prayed it would last until morning.

I woke up and happily noticed that it stayed all night.
I'd like to think it's just for me, but since it's Husband's birthday,
I'll say it's all for him.
Oh yeah, it's Brandon's birthday!
Happy 28th, Handsome.
To celebrate, I got up extra early to make him a birthday breakfast.
(And to play in the snow...)
Chocolate chip pancakes (why are pancakes so hard to make?)
Cheesy eggs.
Tonight, we are eating out with some super awesome friends
and I cannot wait to spend the day being extra sweet and thankful 
for my hottie of a man.

That last picture cracks me up. 
Whenever Husband and I try to snuggle, Bailee has to squeeze in.
Every. Single. Time.


  1. Oh so jealous of that snow! And Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    1. Thank you so much! He had a great day and we loooved the snow!