why my heart needs a nap...

To fully appreciate this post, you need to remember (this.)

Valentine's Day.
Sweet Husband.
Perfectly random bracelet.
Across the world.
Caught up?

14 days later, it arrived.

It wasn't a picture perfect moment like I expected.

I decided around lunch time to get dressed and bring Husband some lunch at work.
So, I corral the puppies into our room as I get the shower ready.
Out of nowhere, they start barking.
Since that happens way too often, I almost thought nothing of it.
But something stopped me and made me think I should check things out.
Not being one to waltz around the house in my birthday suit, I grabbed a towel and headed for the front door.
Peeking out the peep hole, I see the mailman writing one of those "Sorry we barely tried to get your attention! Sorry you can't have your package you've been waiting for! Here's your impossible task to retrieve your treasure. Good luck! Oh, and you have 3 tries" notes to leave on our door. 

No way, I said.
Freaking out, I remember I can't open the door because I'm in a towel.
Glad I remembered.

So I ran.
I mean, ran back to the room to find something that resembled clothes.
When I finally got outside, mailman was 4 houses away.
I screamed for him every time he stopped.
I ran after him.
Yes, I ran after the mailman.
Wearing clothes I wouldn't normally dare wear in public.
Neighbor's annoying puppy chasing me, chasing the mailman.
I ran.

One block away...
Yes, one block away, he finally saw me.
Fast forward through the awkward conversation, asthmatic me trying to breathe, and constantly trying to cover up my not so normal outwear...
And there it was.
In my hands.

It was love at first sight.
It's beautiful.
And weird.
And perfect.
And random.

And broken.
Wait, what?
Yes, broken.
This bracelet had the nerve to break after all I've been through.
Little giraffe couldn't take it anymore and popped right off.

So there you have it.
I have been through the full spectrum of emotions with nothing to show for it.
Except a tired heart.
A pulled muscled.
A terrified mailman.
Scarred neighbors.
And a broken bracelet.

P.S. It did come with a cool ring as a gift, which is super cool, but doesn't fit any normal ring fingers, and doesn't fix my bracelet. 
Thankfully, Husband is a pro at giraffe rescuing/gluing and promises to put this little guy back where he belongs.


  1. Oh man, after all that waiting and work, it's broken?! Ugh, what a disappointment!

  2. oh my goodness, how frustrating!! first of all, those "oops we missed you so you don't get your package sorry" noted are the worst!! and broken things that you just got are the other worst!

  3. hahaha, you crack me up. I've had a similar experience with the mailman (not going to the extreme you did of chasing him down -- I love it!) but answered the door in my robe with a towel on my head. Wonderful memories. :)