These are random thoughts running through my mind.

(Hey new iPhone, thanks for being awesome and making self portraits easier with the front facing camera!)

We have officially been TN residents for over a month now and I couldn't be happier. My only issue is having 2 measly days of snow. Now that I'm aware of what TN is capable of, I don't understand why we can't have that more often.

Speaking of curtains (just go with it.) Our living room is my favorite place. I'm so proud of how the decorations have come together. There's just one thing missing...curtains. It drives me crazy. Not only are most curtains expensive, there are so many choices! I want these curtains to make a statement in my living room. Oh, the troubles.

I have come to the realization that I am about as domestic as a toddler. Scratch that. I think the preschoolers can make yummier meals and play house on the playground better than me. I wish I had the skills to sew like crazy. Then I could make my own curtains and not have to buy many clothes. And then there's cooking. Don't even get me started. I have about 3 things I can successfully make. Chili, scrambled eggs, and brownies. That's it. Truly, for real, not joking...that's it. Poor Husband, I have completely failed as a wife in those areas. Going grocery shopping intimidates me. What are the main things every house needs? I don't know! How do you go grocery shopping when you don't know what you need? Are you supposed to have tons of recipes memorized so you automatically does on the list? Clearly I need help. I need a grocery fairy. And a cooking fairy. And throw in some money while you're at it.

I want to lose weight. I want to work out. I want to eat healthy. Yet, I'm so overwhelmed I do nothing and feel miserable. 

I think I want to dye my hair red.

Valentines day is coming up and I am kind of dreading it. I become this crazy hopeless romantic when it comes to gift giving and receiving. I imagine these wonderful, romantic, unattainable gifts that inevitably let me down when I receive or give to others. I need to realize every present, big or small, is special and thoughtful. I also need to calm my imagination down. Most people truly just want to know you thought of them. I feel as thought I have to prove my love for them in crazy big ways, therefore I expect the same. It's not a good habit. I'm working on that.

I hate doing laundry. No, more than hate. I loathe. Super loathe. I'd rather get rid of all my clothes and keep 7 outfits to rotate. Hmm, maybe.

Confession: I watch The Bachelor. There, said it. If you also watch this trainwreck of a show and don't know why, visit Alycia at (The Crowley Party) She has the funniest recaps of all the episodes. She gets it. She gets me.

I miss having my brother nearby. He is truly one of my best friends. Even though he is younger than me, he is a worthy role model in my life. No one can make me laugh like him, or get me angry like him. I was spoiled these last few years to have him live in the same city. Now, I miss him like crazy. We still talk almost every day via Facebook and texting (most of our conversations are about new YouTube videos and Downton Abbey.) It's just not the same. I love you, Brother!

Now I feel all sappy. Stupid.

Well, I guess I'll sign off here and scope Pinterest for an hour, searching for motivation to do something more with my life...

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  1. I have that same want to lose weight overwhelmed feeling too so i just eat more crap. Also, i would do anything to be a red head. we're basically the same person.