so, Valentine's Day happened...

I know, I know, 
it's totally against blog-world rules 
to post on something almost a week after it happened. 
But it's my blog and not yours. 
So, there.

Plus, my Valentine's Day was so fantastic, 
I just had to let it soak a few days before I could fully write about it.

Or, I'm lazy and forgot.

We'll go with the first one.

I am one of those super girly girls when it comes to most holidays. 
I love going all out. 
I love getting all dressed up.
I love celebrating. 
I love giving and receiving gifts. 
I just love it all. 
And this year, Husband and I had the best Valentine's celebration in our new hometown.

I woke up sick (not fun or fair) while Husband left for work.
He came home during lunch and surprised me with these gorgeous flowers. 
Then, I checked the mail and found the sweetest card from my parents. 
Plus, a handwritten note from my mom. The best.
Dinner was at my favorite restaurant, Carrabba's. 
There, Husband handed me a card and two folded sheets of paper. 
The first one was a picture of a giraffe and hedgehog bracelet. 
If you know me, you'd understand how perfectly random it is. 
My favorite animal is the giraffe and I have been begging Husband to get me a hedgehog. 
So perfectly random.  
As if that weren't enough, I opened the second sheet of paper and saw the TOMS logo. 
I can finally buy the sweater I've had on hold for 2 years! 
Thanks, Husband!
After dinner, we took a stroll around the shopping center and then stopped for ice cream. 
We failed for not taking the standard Valentine's couple picture.
Our perfect day ended snuggled on the couch, watching a scary movie.
Totally romantic.

Happy late Valentine's!
Hope you didn't gain too much weight from all the sweets.

This is why my bracelet didn't make it in time...
We are the blue dot. 
My bracelet is across the world.

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  1. Looks like you had a great valentines! :D And it's totally ok to post a week after something has happened. I do it all the time!
    and in reply to your comment on my blog (I still cant find your email address or I'd reply that way): My sister is my hero too. She's awesome. :) And it was a beautiful hike, and not too high.