DIY: Sweatshirt Makeover

I have loved crafting and cutting up clothes since...forever. But I get an idea and run with it before stopping to document! But, looking at my 24 before 24, I made sure to slow down this time and grab a camera (aka phone.)

This is a very simple DIY. I feel silly even giving it directions, BUT nonetheless, I'm counting it as my first official DIY!

This sweatshirt was given to me when I was in seventh grade. (Woah, 10 years ago!) My family just moved to North Carolina and I missed cheerleading try-outs (devastating!) BUT, they let me try out late and I made the team (woohoo!)
I thought this thing was THE coolest article of clothing I owned. I mean, it had my name in the front and "Cheerleader" written on the back. Awesome.

But, as I got older, I formed more of a love for hooded sweatshirts and never had the heart to throw this one out. The memories! (And bleach stains from cleaning my cheer shoes-gone bad.)

Well, I woke up today wanting to wear it and decided to spruce it up a bit!

What you need:
Sweatshirt (obviously!)
Chalk, pencil, washable marker (optional)
Puppies, Husband, or Roommate (not optional)

Here she is in all her glory! The neck line is the biggest thing that keeps me from wearing it nowadays. It's so high up! I'm in love with slouchy, v-neck, type shirts. 2 Lay your sweatshirt flat on the ground/table. 3 Since my sweater is black, I used chalk to draw my lines out. You may be a pro at cutting free-handed...but not me! 4 I drew a line from the bottom of the collar and up to the shoulders. If you have a hood, it can be done the same way! (FYI: If you're nervous about cutting too low, start with just taking the collar off. Then try it on, see how you like it, and go from there.)

5 Make sure your "shoulder seam" (that's what I call the seam that goes across your shoulders) is even and cut through both the front and back. 6 Clean cut! (Olive just HAD to be in the pictures!) 7 and 8 are very important to the process. Put the collar around your puppies and laugh. Take pictures if possible. If you have no pets, try your Husband/Roomate! It's fun. Promise.

9 This is optional. (Along with everything else! It depends on how you like it!) I didn't like how the bottom of my sweatshirt was so cinched in by the band around it. So, I drew a line and cut across (leaving the hem in-tact to keep from fraying majorly.) 10 Also important, tie band around said puppies/Husband/roomates. 11 The result! An off the shoulder, slouchy, sweatshirt! (Being home alone is the only excuse I have for the "myspace-y/dirty bathroom mirror" picture.) 12 My "collar" on Olive. She kept it on the entire morning! Such a good girl.

Well, as I said, easy-peasy. But, I hope you enjoyed it! Next DIY will be a wall hanging of sorts for the new house. So stay tuned!


  1. SUPER cute idea! I've been avoiding buying one of these from the store (because they're expensive and I'm not sure if I would wear it) but now I can make my own!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Now I know what to do with me sweatshirts!!!
    Besides, it's way too expensive to buy that style shirt...