gtkY: getting to know YOU!

You may have read in my last post how I was going to be showing some love towards my fellow bloggers...

well...(insert theme music and transition)

I introduce to you, my new mini blog series:

getting to know YOU!

I have 15 of my very favorite bloggers (celebrities in my mind) that have graciously accepted the opportunity to answer silly, fun, simple questions about themselves.

I'm so excited to get to know them beyond their blogs. My husband laughs at me when I tell him about you all. "My friend is pregnant!" "My friend and her husband are moving, too!" "My friend has the cutest outfit today!"

He thinks we have to meet and actually, ya know, talk to each other to be friends
I see it as we share each other's diaries of our lives... pretty much friend material right there!

Anyways, gtkY will be a twice a week special. I urge you to check out each one and follow them if you haven't already!

Our first gtkY will be this Thursday!
See you then!

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