Mini Messages (Birthday Edition!)

(That's the face that he used to get me. Works everytime....)

Dear Mr. Crews,
Your birthday is THIS Wednesday! I'm a firm believer that birthdays/holidays are so much better when you're married, so I'm going to try my hardest to make yours fantastical! Usually on Mondays I write 5 mini messages to different people/things, but not today! Nope, it's all about you! I think it's only fair, seeing how I get a whole month of birthday celebration...you can have atleast a week.

Dear Husband,
I'm glad it took me forever to see your not-so-subtle hints. It makes our love story THAT much more interesting. Right!?

Dear Handsome,
I can't get over how perfect you are for me! I'm stubborn, grandma-ish, slightly introverted, and you are care-free, young at heart, and the life of parties. "You complete me"... I had to say it.

Dear Heaterhead, (we aren't big on pet names...but I have called him this before)
I love the way you sound when I wake you up really early for sometimes important, but mostly stupid reasons. You're sleepy/confused voice is way sexy.

Dear Brandon,
 I love the way you play with our furbabies and I know when it's time for babyCrews, I will fall in love all over again. I can't wait.