sick day(s)

doctor says:

"getting over the flu. sinus infection. double ear infection."

lauren says:

"just shoot me."

i'm the best at this game i like to call,

i at least deserve a trophy.
or a ribbon.

but i do have a pretty impressive stash of antibiotics and pain killers.


so i've been home.
not doing anything.
including blogging.

so our gtkY
and hopefully my health
WILL be back to normal next week.

until then
enjoy some lifelately pictures.

:date night with husband!
 :our little house is coming together! ("I Spy" pictures coming!)    : and everyone's favorite lunch!
:Bible study at the college. spiritual deodorant.      :helping someone's day.

 :pre-doctor visit meds.         :sweet babygirls snuggling with their sick mama.

:how to have a successful "sick day." a) take over couch with pillows and comfy blankets. b) meds, meds, meds. c) have an awesome brother to come bring you lunch. d)happy movies. (some of husband's got into my happy stack...those aren't my kind of happy.)
:the highlight of my week! receiving a letter and precious picture from our little boy Maycol. he's our sponsor child from Ecuador. 

have a happy, happy weekend!


  1. Aww I hope you get feeling better real soon!

    Sponsor child from Ecuador?? SO COOL!! :)

  2. Hope you start to feel better soon!

  3. Thanks, friends!
    And yes, Denise! My Husband and I sponsor two children, one from Ecuador and a little girl from Haiti. I'll be doing a post on them soon!

  4. That picture is so cute! Hope you're feeling better.