24 before 24: Let's see how I'm doing!

1. Lose 10 pounds.
2. Run 5 miles consecutively.
3. Read the Bible completely through.
4. Have over 100 followers on my little blog.
5. Make awesomely cute cupcakes.
6. Rid my self of sodas. Completely. (Halfway scratched out...I had a moment of weakness last week!)
7. Sew something completely from scratch.
8. Take my vitamins and medicine, every single day! 
9. Go camping for the first time.
10. Complete and blog 5 DIY's. (I've done 1!)
11. Make a conscious effort to think positively. Always.
12. Keep my fingernails and toenails prettyful. (So far, so good!)
13. Beat Husband in a round of Black Ops.
14. Read 2 "just for fun" novels.
15. Be on time (early)  for work. Every. Day.
16. Go on a picnic.
17. One date-night a week with Husband.
18. Try a new recipe once a month.
19. Host a homemade pizza party.
20. Incorporate one article of clothing into my wardrobe that I never thought I'd wear. (Does a top-knot bun count? Cute on some, not for me! It gave me a major headache.)
21. Become a coupon queen! (Ok, maybe a coupon princess,) I don't have time to be queen.
22. Not cut my hair. (Trimmed, yes.) (Doing good so far!)
23. Sunday's: No computer. All day.
24Save and spend money wisely.

Well, 5 out of 24 isn't so bad. But, goodness, I have work to do! 9 months to go! Workout, cook, read, etc. Who's idea was this again?


  1. This is such a cute idea! I 5 out of 24 is super good! Keep up that hard work!

  2. 9 months is plenty of time! I would love to beat my husband at Black Ops just for browning points :)

  3. youuu can do it!! this list is such a good idea! i'm terrible at being a coupon queen. and 2 just for fun novels! well, you musttt do that one! it will feel so good :)

  4. Nichole: Thanks, girl! I'm trying really hard!! :)

    Denise: Thanks! And I'm not sure if I'll accomplish the Black Ops one, anytime I ask him to show me how to play, he just shoots me! :)

    Brittany: I liked having the list instead of "New Years Resolutions!" I'm definitely lacking in the couponing skills as of yet...but I'm hoping to get better! :) Aaaand, I hope to read MORE than 2 just for fun novels, I need to make a trip to Barnes and Nobles! I could live there!

  5. this is awesome. Also, just fyi I am your 50th follower aka, half way there!! :)

  6. Whitney: You just made my day! Woohoo 50!!! Thanks!! :)