Joy Filled Friday!

1 playing with Husband's phone will he's being studious in the li-berry. (see picture above) 2 wraps (there's always food on my joy list...proof I'm a fatty!) 3 flowy dresses 4 the perfect messy bun 5 office parties! 6 going through junk and having boxes upon boxes to give away 7 simple-sweet rings 8 hedgehogs (I'm still holding out for one!) 9 "once upon a time" 10 hearing my Husband speak to youth (biggest joy of all!)

The weekend is here!
(Almost here for those like me who work until 5-6...boo!)
I still don't have access to my email and once again, don't open anything suspicious from me!!!
I'd hate to think what giving you a virus would do to our friendship.

This weekend will be full of nothing.
I plan on becoming a hermit.

In our new house, we have one room that is full of boxes and junk.
It's quite intimidating, but I need to get in there and re-arrange, sort, and throw things out!
We shall see how that goes!

Husband is leaving me on Sunday to go with some guy friends to Youth Pastor Summit.
They get a free day pass to Universal Studios.
So not fair!
Thankfully, he promised that he wouldn't go to Harry Potter World without me!

I hope you guys have great weekends filled with joy!


  1. hope you have a great weekend too!
    xx jes

  2. I had a one eyed hedgehog once.. So cute!! You definitely need to get one :)