gtkY: traveling triplets

(No this is not computerized! These are real-life, beautiful, identical triplets!) 

Today's gtkY is from Kylie, Megan, and Lisa over at traveling triplets. Their blog is full of recipes, pictures, and their adventures around the world. I mean it, the world! All lovely ladies are happily married and each have their own blogs (listed below.) I lovelovelove reading about their lives and I totally am living vicariously through them! They have helped me make a "must see" list of beautiful places

          1.    Why did you start your blog? We started our blog because we were getting asked a lot of questions about our travels. We frequently go abroad and do spontaneous trips, and after so many friends and strangers Facebooking us asking, “how did you do it?” we figured it’d be a swell idea to create a blog out of it. It’s acted as a resource for friends and readers from all over the world to get some guidance on planning their next adventure. From tips on how to budget and places to stay to advice on money well spent, must sees and where to go we have it all at Traveling Triplets!
          2.    What is your name? (Or what do you wish you were named?) We are Kylie, Lisa and Megan. On the blog we sometimes refer to ourselves as triplet #1, 2 and 3 to keep things simple.
        3.    When is your birthday? May 25th. We’re spring babies from the 80s and we love sharing that special day! Being an identical triplet is really special and loads of fun!
           4.    Name 3 jobs you’ve had in your life. We ran a lawn mowing business for most of our life growing up. The three of us drove a beat up truck around town and mowed lawns for over 20 different clients from age 13 all the way until we left for college. After that, we became painters and worked on construction sites with all the big buff guys painting and doing prep work for new homes and commercial properties. We know how to get dirty. But wait! It doesn’t stop there! We even landscaped together in Idaho during college and learned all the deets about planting trees and shrubs to make your home and property look great. Yep. We love to be outside and often smelled of grass and gasoline.
             5.    If you could have ANY job, what would you do? That’s easy – travel writers, photographers and adventurers. We’d do it together. All the time. Best of friends – sisterhood of the traveling triplets. Oh, and also mommies. We’ll bring the babies along for the ride! Why not?!
       6.    What are you most afraid of? Living apart – we really don’t like that. Not one little bit. We live apart right now, but we tell ourselves it won’t be forever. We are hoping to gravitate towards the same place to raise our kids together.
             7.    What was your favorite item as a child? Kylie, the oldest and wisest, was creepily addicted to her blankey. I sucked my thumb and also my blanket. Gross. That, and cowboy boots. Oh, and of course hats. I wore LOTS of hats. Lisa, the middle triplet, had a thing for barbies. She really loved barbies, especially the Doctor Barbie. Seeing how she is contemplating becoming a nurse, it seemed fitting that she always played the role of mommy fixer upper. She also really loves dogs and stuffed animals, but don’t we all? And Megan, well, she is just a cutie pie who was attached to anything that touched her. She loves anyone and everyone so long as you give her love and attention.
          8.    What are 3 movies you could watch over and over? The Proposal, The Notebook, and Elf. We like love, sap, and romance. Oh, and humor that never really gets old. Classics. That sort of thing.
         9.    Your dream vacation would be… Greece. Hand in hand, the traveling triplets, frolicking in the blue and white catacombs of the Mediterranean just like the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We want to dive in the water and swim in a sea that has a different feel and flavor than that of the West. Sounds dreamy, right?
                10.   What are 3 websites you visit daily? This probably varies for all of us, so I think it’s safe to say that our number one hits are each other’s blogs. Ha! Kylie, www.spencerandkylie.blogspot.com, Lisa, www.chasepluslisa.blogspot.com, and Megan, www.drewplusmegan.blogspot.com
              11.   Must have snacks? Always! We’re suckers for anything chocolatey and creamy. Ice-cream was an all time fave growing up – ate it every single night and didn’t gain a single pound. Now I’d have to say we go for things like chocolate chip toast (it’s a Frenchie thing, our mother is French and we’re part!) or chips and salsa.
                  12.   Go-to outfit and hair? We have natural curly hair, it’s a bit of a struggle most of the time with the straightening, waving, curling and taming. I’d have to say we all go straight for the side braid a large percentage of the time. That, or the top knot that men resent so deeply. Or do they? We may never know. As for outfits, we like our tunics baggy and our pants fitted. Skinny jeans or comfy leggings paired with a cute pair of sneaks, mocs, flats, boots or wedges will do the trick.
                13.     Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes, yes and yes. But not all of them – we prefer the bushy tops and sometimes the stems just start to taste weird!
             14.   Favorite ice-cream? Easy! Chocolate chip! Chocolate chip mint! Chocolate chip cookie dough! Neapolitan! Coffee flavored! This is not something we can answer. Too many good flavors.
            15.    Favorite day of the week? Saturday. It’s the day off. It’s time to party, get out and have some fun with our honey hearts. Homework, chores, and all the other gotta do stuff just sliiiides to the background.
               16.   What do you do most often when you are bored? Blog, social network, go on walks, play with the puppy or call each other. Calling is probably the big one – we spend a lot of time talking on the phone since we’re not together.
          17.  What is your favorite board game? I think we’d all sigh and say, “we’re not really gamers,” but we do fancy a game of Trains, Mexican Train, and speed Scrabble.
     18.    Favorite smell? Rain, campfires, harvest, cinnamon, fresh cookies.
               19.   What’s under your bed? My mattress is on the floor. But I know the other two trips have either nothing or just boxes of crap they don’t know where else to put.
                          20.    Which useless superhero power do you wish you possessed? Mind reading. I’ve always wanted to know what friends really think of me. There’s so much in life that goes unsaid. We lie all the time about the little things, like how we really feel about this or that. I want to know the truth. Then again, it might hurt too much? Filters could be a good remedy to that. If we waived mind reading we’d probably go for teleporting. Maybe that would be more important – yes, yes – that is what we want. To be able to teleport to each other at the snap of a finger. Time travel – who doesn’t wanna go back to the 50s and look dapper? We do.
          21.   If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be? We would probably all go for Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling. Truth is out.

  The traveling triplets also have an esty shop (link is on their blog!) where they sell their amazing treasures from all over! Don't forget to check them out!!!


  1. i love this interview! and i love multiple siblings! my nieces are twins and i am always fascinated with their ability to seem so in synch!

  2. hahahahaha i love this! kylie spoke perfectly for all of us, thanks for getting to know us!

  3. I loved "getting to know you!" You three really are inspiring!

  4. wahooooo! thanks for guest posting us ;) love!