a date with the ducks

I took advantage of the beautiful weather this afternoon and spent some time by the lake near our school.
It was perfectly sunny, but not quite hot. 
Windy, but not annoyingly so. 

I would say I was alone, but I was joined by a flock of ducks. 
Actually, I walked into their party and they were not to happy with me. 
Have you heard ducks hiss? 
I have. 
It's not endearing.

But, I stood my ground and they eventually got over themselves.

I spent some time in God's word, on the computer, and then a Skype date with my parents!
I had so much news to share, I couldn't wait until this weekend to tell them and I couldn't do it over the phone!

 It's always a good day when you're surrounded by water, ducks, and get to talk to your parents!


  1. there are two ducks (a female and a male) that sit outside my sisters property as though they are guard ducks. it is hilarious. today, she sent me a video of them following her while she walked my nieces to school. love these pics!
    xx jes

  2. hissing ducks! how funny!! my family has two duckies but they don't hiss, thank goodness. they just try to sneak into the pool for a swim :)

  3. This kinda makes me miss G-ville. I always like spending time down by the lake!