Joy Filled Friday

(My view last night, laying on the floor, looking up.)

1 pencil skirts 2 finding comfort in Husband's arms 3 thin crust, extra cheese pizza 4 chalkboard paint
  5 new friends 6 lazy weekends 7 pastel pink nail polish 8 late night tandem bike rides 
9 Chinese paper lanterns 10 possible cruise plans for our anniversary trip

Things have been crazy around the Crews' household lately! We returned from the wedding weekend (I finally have a sister!) late Sunday night, and I was up for work on Monday! Today is "Preview Day" where I work, so a lot of preparing has been going on! But, all this running around is totally worth it when I know I have no schedule whatsoever for the weekend.

Here's to lazy weekends and back-to-normal posting!

P.S. Ignore the randomness that is my blog design! I'm working with my cousin and computer guru to give it all a facelift!


  1. i love dog feet when they look fuzzy and stick over the edge of the couch!!!
    xx jes


  2. mmm! pizza is sounding so good right about now...

  3. Jes: It's my FAVORITE when they are looking down. So stinkin' cute!

    Natalie: I have been craving pizza for over 2 weeks and I finally got some the other day! I made sure to make it last for at least 3 days!

  4. Mmm thin crust!! You are so cute. Loving your blog! Newest follower :)