gtkY: Kelsey and Covey

Today's gtkY is Kelsey from Kelsey and Covey. Kelsey is a newlywed, soon-to-be college grad, and a health and wellness coach. Her lovely blog is full of amazing vintage style (can I please just shop your closet?!), adorable pictures of date nights that capture their love, and she  is constantly motivating me to stay in shape with her love of Zumba and Yoga
Here's Kelsey!

            Why did you start your blog?  I started blogging when I got married, to document my life and to keep in touch with friends and family.
What is your name? (Or what do you wish you were named?) Kelsey Cole
When is your birthday?  March 30
            Name 3 jobs you’ve had in your life.  I was a baker at Great Harvest (best job ever!), a dance teacher, and I am currently a health coach for students and faculty at my university.
          If you could have ANY job, what would you do? I would be a personal trainer and a fitness instructor! I’m taking the first step this year by getting certified to teach Yoga and Zumba.
              What are you most afraid of?  Zombies.  I know they are not real, but zombie movies scare the pants off me! The movie ‘I am Legend’ made me have nightmares for weeks.
 What was your favorite item as a child?  American Girl Dolls
          What are 3 movies you could watch over and over? Tangled, The Notebook, and Slumdog Millionaire
Your dream vacation would be…  Backpacking through Europe
What are 3 websites you visit daily? Twitter, Blogspot, and Lululemon.com
          Must have snacks?  Green smoothies, pita/veggies with hummus, and fresh strawberries or blueberries.
        Go-to outfit and hair?  Outfit:  leggings or skinnies, cute top with a blazer or cardi, long necklace, simple earrings, with boots or flats (depending on the weather). Hair: side pony. I wear this hair style way to much, but I love it!
   Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Yes
  Favorite ice-cream?  Tart’ frozen yogurt
  Favorite day of the week? Friday
What do you do most often when you are bored?  Pinterest!
What is your favorite board game?  Settlers of Catan (nerdy maybe?)
      Favorite smell? I’m gonna change this one to current favorite perfume… which would be Beyonce’ Heat. Love it!
What’s under your bed? Shoes
      Which useless superhero power do you wish you possessed? Probably the power to be super flexible like Elasta-girl from The Incredibles, because then I could do ANY yoga pose ever invented! That would be awesome.
If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?  My great grandmother.

Isn't she adorable? For more awesomeness, check out her blog: Kelsey and Covey, and don't forget to "follow her!"


  1. definitely going to go check out her blog now!
    love yours too, btw.
    -jes, your newest follower

  2. Thank you!
    Totally just check yours out and I am new follower, for sure! Anyone who loves their little furbabies like I do is okay in my book! :)

  3. Thank you so much for having me Lauren! It has been SO much fun reading these getting to know you posts :) I feel honored to be featured on your blog!!