Joy Filled Friday

1 being soda free for 3 weeks 2 weddings! 3 road trips with great company 4 wraps 5 the feeling of being sore, but knowing you did something worth it 6 reading for fun 7 TripleTown...addicted 8 heart-to-heart's with Husband 9 pinterest...addicted 10 Toms. Toms. Toms.

This weekend we are off to visit my in-loves!
When I say we, I mean, myself, Husband, Brother, Friends 1 and 2, plus puppies 1 and 2.
All crammed (with our luggage) in one tiny Honda Civic.
It could be worse, we could be taking my little red bug.
That'd be interesting.
Anyways, the reason for our travel is so exciting!
My brother-in-love (Husband's brother) is getting married in one month!
So, wedding shower for the soon-to-be Sister-in-love is top priority on the weekend agenda.
With the occasionally movie, disc golf, and a high school musical (not THE High School Musical), this weekend is sure to be a blast.

It's just what the doctor ordered. I lovelove getaways!


  1. Thank you! We did have fun. Pretty hectic, but family time is always good for the heart!