Joy Filled Friday

1 heartfelt, ab squeezing, eyes watering laughter 2 encouraging words 3 being sore after a hardcore workout 4 mustard yellow anything 5 not setting an alarm clock 6 driving around in my bright red bug 7 the tripletown game on my phone...addicted. 8 stretching my fingers after a long day 9 snailmail 10 mascara

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Husband and I will be housing 4...count them FOUR(!!!) boys this weekend. Good thing the furbabies are girls, I would be completely outnumbered!

P.S. I have a very strong desire to change up my little blog. Problem is, I have tons of ideas but no smarts to figure out how to make them work! Any help out there?!

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  1. New blog design?! Yea! What did you have in mind? Maybe I can help =)