Joy Filled Friday

1 tax refunds (woo!) 2 buying 100 classical movies for 20bucks. (see picture above) 3 rainy days 
4 eating out 5 brown nail polish (fave) 6 colored skinny jeans
  7 good cries 8 quilts 9 red anything 
10 chick-fil-a (this is probably a constant on my joys... I can't help it!)

This weekend will be much more slow paced than last! I love spending time with my in-loves! It was a much needed mini-vacay. We went shopping (new dress and shoes!) and got to see some friends at church. Even if I came home with a sickness, it was time well spent! 
This weekend, however, we are chilling! Tomorrow morning the guys and I will head out to Tallahassee so I can kick their behinds in a fierce round of disc golf. No, seriously. Then, hopefully, some chick-fil-a will find its way into my belly. (Cause we all know how joy filled that makes me!)

Hope your weekends are filled with love and good food!


  1. I love colored skinny jeans!! My birthday is on monday and I will be doing a lot of shopping for them haha
    I'm so glad you had a fun time, I'm always up for Chick Fil A and rainy days :)

  2. good cries and quilts always seem to go together for me... hmm... not sure what that means or where I'm going with this, but it's a fact.

  3. Denise, they had some at the Target by me. So cute! I'm waiting for the moment to ask Husband about them. Baha, my birthday isn't until December! (P.S. Happy late Birthday!!)

    Natalie: You are SO correct! I was wrapped up in a quilt, crying, on a rainy day more than once last week! But, like I said, good cries!