Life Lately

Husband shaved Bailee. First she was a lion...

then she rocked a mo-hawk.

Dollar Date! Goodness, I love those dimples!

Yummmm. Thank you dollar menu!

When going to the movies, buy drinks...

and snacks beforehand and ...

always bring a large purse!

Despite his face, we were both thrilled to see it!

Gee, this blog made me realize why I feel like I've gained 100 pounds!
Where did all that motivation go to be healthy and lose a couple pounds?!
It's like...once I realized I fit into my wedding dress, all the motivation went away!

I need it back. Now.


  1. haha! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who stashes candy and snacks in my purse when going to the movies =D Movie tickets are expensive enough as it is. Did you see the new Harry Potter?

  2. Lord, Bless these two 'newly birds' . by your grace and mercy.

  3. Natalie, You are not the only one! And yes, they are always too expensive!! Ohmygoodness, the final Harry Potter was amazing! Being a book nerd, I was so glad that they were right on with most of the content!!

    WisGalinOkee, Thank you for your prayers! They mean soso much!