new blog name and joy filled friday!

1 Watching musicals with Brandon, especially when he gets up and does his own dances to the songs. 2 The way Olive's little bitty paws feel on my legs. 3 Wrestling on the couch with husband. 4 Stealing and wearing husband's wedding band. 5 Toms shoes. 6 Flowy ponytails. 7 Day dates. 8 Clouds that look like mountains. 9 Editing pictures. 10 Trees planted in a row.

P.S. I'm still in the "improvement" stage for this little blog. Check back and see what's changing!

*Picture: Husband put Olive in my backpack. Sweetgirl patiently waited there until he took her out.


  1. Loving the new look! And musicals are awesome too! =D Which ones do you two watch?

  2. Oh goodness, all of them if he lets me!! Most recently, Funny Girl and Hello Dolly. I've been introducing him to Barbara Streisand! Next up, Audrey Hepburn. Like I said, I love them ALL!!

  3. Thanks for making me feel a little better about the clothing issues :) your blog is adorable! you're going to make a great blogger & wife! congrats!!

  4. Kelsey: Thanks so much! You are too kind. I'm LOVING the blogging world. Your blog is one that has given me such good inspiration! Have a great rest of the weekend!