A Rainy Day

If you live in Florida, you're no doubt used to the summer rain.
On this particular day, Husband and I decided to venture out in to the weather to look for food.

First stop: Church. Husband had some errands to make.

You will never hear me complain about the rain. I LOVE it. Our new house has a tin roof. Ohmygoodness, anytime it rains I just want to snuggle up and fall asleep to the sound.

Second Stop: Gas station for drinks!

Cream Soda for me and Mountain Dew for Husband.

Last Stop: Dinner from The Station. A small burger/wing joint nearby. There's barely room to sit down, so we usually get it to-go.

Handsome husband waiting for our order to be ready.

Yay! Tons of calories all wrapped inside of toasted buns. (Diet starts tomorrow..ha.)

The perfect ending to a rainy day. Cheeseburger, Netflix, and Husband...of course!

P.S. We have been re-watching the Harry Potter's in order to prepare ourselves for the last one and now I wish all my pictures moved. How stinkin' cool would THAT be?!

Hope your weekend is dry! Unless you're like me, then I hope it's super wet and full of naps!

P.S. #2 Everyone please read the sweet blog my husband wrote while I was asleep last night.


  1. Aww! His surprise post was so sweet =D And that burger is making my mouth water right now. Hope you get to see the new Harry Potter soon! It was the BOMB!

  2. I went to high school in Florida and it seems like it always rained at the same time every day during rainy season.

    Also just ready your hubbys post. Seriously? How incredibly adorable and how lucky are you? Loved it!

    And now I want my own caloric overload on a toasty bun. Thanks a lot! ;)

  3. Natalie, He is definitely a keeper! And I STILL haven't seen the last Harry Potter!! It's killing me! I've read the books, but I still want to see the movie so badly!

    Vapid Vixen, You are so right! I can almost plan the days around the rain! Same time, same amount! And I am soso lucky to have wound up with Brandon!! I definitely don't deserve him! :)

  4. So here's a dorky Harry Potter secret: When I was reading all of the books consecutively last summer, somewhere around the 5th book I would get super mad when I'd look at something, an enchantment would pop up in my head, and then a split second later I'd realize I lived in the real world, and not Harry Potter.

    NO LIE.

    And your husband's blog post? Just the most ADORABLE THING EVER!

    Found you via the FTLOB comment lovin' blog hop!

  5. Tricia, you're not a dork at all!! I SO did the same!! Bahah.

    And thank you! I think I'll keep him around... : )

  6. Girl! Do you live in Florida?!
    I can't WAIT to see the new HP!

  7. Yes, I dooo!! Do you?!

    And ohmygoodness, it's sososo good! I don't know if you've read the books, but it's the closest they've been!

  8. YES! Where about do you live?!

    And I have not read the books... I actually just recently started watching the movies! They are so good.

  9. I live in small little Sneads, FL. It's up in the panhandle, about 5 milies from Chattahoochee and an hour from Tallahassee! What about you?

  10. Ahh... we live wayyyy down in Naples FL. Tooo bad its so far!