My Music Man

This is my Papaw about 2 years ago.
Things have been rough with my family and I haven't heard my him play in so many years.
It brought tears to my ears.
He was a something in his younger years.
This video brought back so many memories of us stomping around the house with our kitchenware parade.

P.S. Check out the little lady who started dancing along! And notice how Papaw got into more once he had an audience! Love it.


  1. Precious, Lauren! Dad still plays about every day at the Center. . . it's so good for him! Thanks for posting this and for bringing back so many memories with your Papaw!

  2. Natalie, thank you! I love it so much!

    Mama, I'm so glad he still plays! I thought I lost this video! It was saved on my old laptop and I couldn't figure out how to save it from Facebook. But, I randomly found this one amongst others on Youtube! I have no idea how they got there! I almost cried!