My 23 before 23

For some odd reason, I am beyond thrilled for this year's birthday. Something about being 23 just gets me excited! 

Maybe it's because of my weird thing with numbers. When I set an alarm, it has to end on a 3 or 7 (5:23 or 6:37.) When I set the microwave, ends on 3 or 7. When I set the volume, yep... ends on 3 or 7.

Maybe it's because it'll be my first married birthday! Also Christmas. Birthdays on December 24th are often linked to the day after. (Insert funny picture I found.)

(Thankfully, my parents were good at distinguishing the two days and making them equally special!)

Whatever the reason, I'm so excited. Too excited. I might as well be turning 5 and going to kindergarten...don't judge me.

Sadly, I have 5ish months until the big day. But, I'm starting my celebration now with small accomplishments to lead up to the big day.

Ladies and Gentlemen (if there are any guys besides husband who read this,) I give you...

1. Lose 10 pounds.
2. Run 5 miles consecutively.
3. Read the Bible completely through.
4. Have over 100 followers on my little blog.
5. Make awesomely cute cupcakes.
6. Rid my self of sodas. Completely.
7. Sew something completely from scratch.
8. Go iceskating for the first time.
9. Go camping for the first time.
10. Complete and blog 5 DIY's.
11. Make a conscious effort to think positively. Always.
12. Keep my fingernails and toenails prettyful.
13. Beat Husband in a round of Black Ops.
14. Read 2 "just for fun" novels.
15. Be on time (early)  for work. Every. Day.
16. Go on a picnic.
17. One date-night a week with Husband.
18. Try a new recipe once a month.
19. Host a homemade pizza party.
20. Incorporate one article of clothing into my wardrobe that I never thought I'd wear.
21. Become a coupon queen! (Ok, maybe a coupon princess,) I don't have time to be queen.
22. Not cut my hair. (Trimmed, yes.)
23. Sunday's: No computer. All day.

Technically, 5 months starts in August. But, there's no reason not to start today!
Once a month (maybe more) I'll be checking back in on my list and (hopefully) crossing items off!


  1. What a great list!! Its nice that you're so excited about being 23! I was sorta depressed about turning 24 this year for some reason... but I am kinda excited about 25. When you're 25 people take you seriously. hahaha. good luck with the list!

  2. Thank you! It gave me motivation to get things done! I think after 23 I'll be excited about 25 next!

  3. I love number 13!! My boyfriend plays Black Ops all the time but I honestly don't think I could ever beat him! Good luck with that one and all of your goals :)