My Beautiful Wife

As you can probably already figure out by the title, this is not Lauren. ha.  This is her husband, Brandon.  Currently my wife is in bed sleeping and I thought that I would surprise her with a sweet message on her blog for everyone of you to read!  

I would like to let all of you in on a couple things that my wife does that really just make me smile.  First off, you should know that I find Lauren to be the cutest thing at times when she is being the "nerdiest." (I mean that in the best way possible) There are just several little things that happen throughout the day that really remind me why I love her so much.  

Numero uno. 
Lauren messes up her words every now and then.  She doesn't stutter or anything, but sometimes she tries to say things so quickly that her words get mixed up and come out as pure awesomeness.  ex: Today I bought a new flavor of Mt. Dew.  I told Lauren to try some.  As she poured the drink into her mouth she coughed a bit and kind of jumped.  I asked what was wrong and she replied, "The drink scared me when it went down my throat." haha.  I knew she was meaning that the flavor was non expectant, but needless to say, that's not what came out of those beautiful lips!

Numero dos.
Lauren can at times be clumsy.  She is constantly hurting herself accidentally.  ex:  Tonight while attempting to get off the couch and head to the bedroom, she somehow hit her ankle on the top of the end table.  I will say that again.  The top.  It's a good three feet tall.  Somehow in the process of getting up, her body told her to march like a robot and she swung her foot up and hit her ankle.  I know it definitely hurt her and I was there to make her feel better, but it still alludes me on how she managed to hit the top of the table like she did.

And finally, numero 3 (couldn't remember how to spell three in Spanish) ha.
Lauren is not good at "being mean/mad".  There are times when I do or did something that Lauren wasn't too keen on me doing.  She tries to be mad or mean to me afterwards.  Well, it doesn't really work too well with her.  Every time she tries to look mad and serious at me, she starts smiling that beautiful breathtaking smile she has.  She quickly will turn her head trying to hide the smile so that she can "stay mad".  ha.  I honestly think the longest time she has been able to look at me with a mean face and not smile was approximately 1.7 seconds.  haha.  

These are only a few reasons why I love Lauren Noelle Crews.  She is perfect in every way in my eyes. She is the girl that I prayed and searched for my entire life.  It still blows my mind that she chose me.  She definitely had many other choices, but she chose me.  I still don't get it, but I'll take her.  I am blessed beyond measure for her and God definitely went above and beyond in sending her my way.  

I hope you all maybe learned a little more about Lauren on a day to day basis.  She truly is great.  Hopefully she will let me post on here again sometime.  I love you Lauren.  Now it's off to bed to wrap my arms around my beautiful bride.  




  1. Cutest post ever. This is adorable...you guys are so happy and in love! It's a beautiful thing. Enjoy marriage!

  2. Isn't he sweet! I had no idea until I woke up this morning! Sneaky. :)

  3. So sweet, my new son-in-love!

  4. Lauren!! That is so adorable!Brandon is a keeper. And I think any couple that has a Lauren & Brandon are invincible. I am the Lauren also of a Lauren/Brandon SUPER TEAM! Hopefully some day my Brandon can post for me!

    Love your blog!

  5. Thanks, Lauren! I just read this after posting on your blog! I love Lauren/Brandon teams!

  6. I must admit . .I am envious . .wow, God bless!