One Month

What I've learned since becoming Mrs. Crews:

1 Sharing covers- I'm the type of sleeper who doesn't use a sheet and balls the comforter around me, sticking my feet out. Husband, keeps covered from head to toe and lies flat out. He hasn't kicked me out of the bed yet, so I guess I'm doing good. 2 Money- I can't just hop off to Wal-Mart and buy whatever I'd like anymore. My money is apart of our money. I came from living with an elderly couple, rent free, to living with husband who pays rent, our phone bills, etc. I do miss the mexican food dates, but I guess having AC is more important.  3 T.V. Time- There is no such thing as "5 more minutes" when it comes to Black Ops. I have the soundtrack memorized. I have to sneak in a classic movie to get husband to watch with me. But, we're learning to compromise. Netflix is our common ground. 4 Tickling- That's just how husband shows he loves me. Gee, sometimes I wish there were a little less love... 5 I'm still learning about him- I find out new things about husband almost everyday. I hope that I never quit figuring him out.

What I'm looking forward to as Mrs. Crews:

1 Christmas- If you know me, you know I love Christmas. I cannot wait to decorate our house, our tree, our yard, etc. I get all fuzzy inside thinking about wrapping presents, cooking Christmas themed meals, and playing Christmas music throughout the house. I am beyond excited for our first married Christmas together. Actually, I'm excited for every holiday as a married couple! 2 Babies-  We want a big family. Just the thought of little Brandons running around the house makes me smile. I cannot wait to start our little family. The furbabies are nice, but it's just not the same. I daydream about what our kids will look like. Will they have husband's freckles? His black hair? Or my yellow/brown eyes and brown hair? One day. One day. 3 One Year Anniversary- I'm so glad we got married during the summertime. With my profession, I will most likely always be off, and husband can take off so we can celebrate! Husband and I have talked back and forth about what "tradition" we'd like to start for our anniversaries. We shall see! 4 Cooking Meals- Now, don't think of me as a bad wife. But, I haven't cooked a real, full meal for Brandon yet. It's not my fault though. Between moving out of one house and into another and husband being the only source of income (until August, when I start back teaching) we just have to settle for PB&J and steaks from friends. But, when it's time for me to go grocery shopping, you can bet it's gonna be good. Plus, I'm ready to try out my cute aprons! 5 Our Wedding Pictures- I am so ready to see them! Our photographer said they turned out so well, she's trying to get them published! How cool is that? The unfortunate thing about that is that means we cannot see them beforehand. Soon. Very soon.

*Video- Just a silly video husband made on the way to the Biltmore Estate on our Honeymoon. He had just gotten a new phone so we were trying it out.


  1. "Biltmore is Big." lol! I'm a tad bit jealous since I've yet to go there and I have this thing for touring historical house... or I guess in this case mansions. =D I'm a huge Christmas person myself. In fact I was just wrapping a couple things I got on sale the other day. So there's a growing pile of boxes in penguin and snowman paper growing in my closet... and it's only July. =D

  2. It's beautiful! I LOVE the history behind it. I definitely recommend it! And I see nothing wrong with wrapping in July! :) I was listening to Christmas music just this morning!!

  3. So, just to be clear, "living with an elderly couple" was NOT your daddy and I! (I'm feeling old enough, going to my 30th high school reunion this weekend!)

    GREAT blog that shows off your sparkling writing style!

    (not that I'm the least bit biased!)